cars collection of ronaldo & car collection and delivery

 1. Introduction

The car collection of ronaldo and car collection and delivery, can be considered as a subtopic of Product Placement. The title “carmobil” refers to the company itself. It is not the car, it is the company that builds, sells, and delivers cars.
The title “carmobil” refers to the company itself. It is not the car, it is the company that builds, sells, and delivers cars.
In an article titled “The secret life of vehicles” published in 2013 by The Atlantic on February 2nd 2017 by Jeffrey Kluger, author of ‘The Time Machine: How Our Obsession With Progress Made Modernity Possible’ – he writes about a study done by Oxford University which found that:
Our obsession with cars – both as symbols of status (Vincent van Gogh’s charcoal drawing of his uncle in a Ferrari) and as a vehicle for mobility (Ingmar Bergman’s film Short Cuts in which his son runs away from home because his father puts him on hold while he drives him to school) – has shaped all aspects of our lives today. Not only do we drive faster than ever; we also watch more movies and TV shows at home than ever before. Nowhere has this been more evident than in our relationships with our cars. We are more likely to buy them secondhand (via Craigslist or eBay), rather than new; and we take longer breaks from them than we did even 15 years ago… …Inside each car we carry memories: memories of family trips, memories of children playing together or watching their parents drive off into traffic; memories for those who need reminders; for those who would like to have their own time back; for those who would like reassurance that they will one day get out of this world alive; for those who simply want to look at it every so often without having to put down roots here or face any significant financial consequences… We are captivated by these objects because many have become part of our identity: They have become part of who we are inside… …We do not want to trade away the bond between ourselves and our cars – nor do we want them replaced with something else entirely… Cars are a part of us that cannot be taken away… …They are symbols that form part of us – pieces like our sense organs or genes – but they also form communities among themselves… …Cars represent us as individuals,

2. Ronaldo's Collection

Imagine you’re a car collector. You might have thousands of cars with you, maybe even as many as half a dozen. You probably have dozens of them in your garage. Maybe you have several projects going on at once.
What do you do with all of them?
You don’t need to own everything. But if you have the opportunity to own a certain car and it is unique, why not collect it? Why not make it part of your collection? Even if the vehicle is for sale and can be shipped to your home for free; that does not mean that it's mine or yours. It could be another person's car. If the vehicle is worth more than what the owner is asking (or even paying), then perhaps you should give it away someday or sell it in a garage sale to get some money while still keeping your passion alive.
Ronaldo has a collection of cars from all over the world that he's proud of, including some from his days playing soccer for Juventus FC and some from his time working in marketing for Nike . He also has a group collecting cars known as "Racing Team" , which includes one Ferrari and two Lamborghinis . He has plans to expand this group into collecting race-prepped vehicles in various categories, which he wants to do with his son Kaka .

3. Car delivery service

I’m not sure if I can continue this topic any longer. However, I was recently asked to do a car delivery service and it has me thinking about the importance of making these things available to the public.
I’m currently in the process of collecting my own cars for delivery and am working on collecting other people’s cars as well. My favorite thing about this service is that you don’t have to be a collector to participate. All you need is a car and some cash.
If you want your car delivered, or if you want another person to deliver your car, then contact me via e-mail at

4. Conclusion

The cars collection of ronaldo is a testament to the extent to which luxury car collecting has evolved. There are also other factors that make this collection special.
It offers an insight into the world of luxury cars and the people who love them. It is an opportunity to learn about the people who buy these cars and why they do so. It is an opportunity to discover the car culture in Miami through the eyes of Juan Carlos Miguel, who will be joining us this week.
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