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Elon Musk, the 34-year-old founder of space travel company SpaceX , is the richest person in the world.
He’s a Tesla Motors electric car owner, a SpaceX rocket engineer and entrepreneur, an industrialist and founder of electric car maker SolarCity , and a multi-billionaire philanthropist. He has also been involved with various other companies, including tunneling company The Boring Company.
Musk’s net worth is 139 billion dollars; he is the founder and CEO of SpaceX, an aerospace corporation that designs and manufactures commercial space transportation systems. A pioneer in space travel, Musk has been at the forefront of many developments in space transportation, including reusable rockets and human missions to Earth’s orbit.

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Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla and SpaceX, has a net worth of $20 billion – an impressive sum for one person. He also has a number of children with his wife, Talulah Riley. The couple is expecting their second child on September 7th — we are not sure what that means for the net worth of Elon Musk or the children’s future financial achievements.

3. born in south africa

Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur, investor and inventor. He is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, a space transportation company. He is also the founder of Tesla Motors, NanoRacks and SolarCity , a solar energy company.
Musk started out as an entrepreneur in his youth, when he created a business plan which was rejected by several companies. After dropping out of high school and working for other companies for several years, he founded PayPal in 2005 with Peter Thiel and Elon's brother Kimbal Musk.
After leaving PayPal in 2006 he started Zip2 (now known as Confinity), a web conferencing software provider which became one of the first Internet based businesses to be acquired by Microsoft in 1999 for $305 million. In 2002, Musk revealed his intention to establish a new Internet infrastructure company to rival Google's dominance in online search – X.com – but this plan was never realised due to financial constraints caused by the dot-com crash at the time.
He went on to found Tesla Motors with financier Peter Diamandis in 2004 and SolarCity in 2011. As of 2014, he was worth approximately US$20 billion (or £15 billion according to various sources). During this time period he has also been involved with SpaceX and X.com (later renamed XChange) as well as other ventures such as The Boring Company .

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Elon Musk Net worth
Elon Musk Net worth
He is the multi-billionaire, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and a founding partner of PayPal.
A member of South Asian American community, he is also known for his philanthropic contributions.

5. net worth $13 billion (2017)

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. He has a net worth of $13 billion. He is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and OpenAI.

6. maria matos is his wife

Elon Musk Net Worth – $12.1 Billion Mar 21, 2018 elon musk net worth , elon musk wife , ann arbor musk age , elon musk story , the elon musk satellites
A billionaire who likes to scare the shit out of people has a net worth of $12.1 billion according to Forbes.
Elon Musk, is an American entrepreneur and inventor. He is CEO and chair of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors and co-founder, chairman and lead designer of aerospace manufacturer SpaceX .
He is also CEO of OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research company and co-founder, chairman and co-creator of Paypal .
Musk's earliest experience was in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania with professors B. Percival Brownlee and Ken Olsen. Musk received his bachelor's degree in computer science in 1995 from Princeton University after which he attended Stanford University where he obtained a master's degree in electrical engineering in 1997 with a concentration in mechanical engineering (elec electrical & mechatronics).
In 2001 Musk founded PayPal where he served as chief executive officer until 2013 when he left to pursue other goals. In 2004, he co-founded electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. with fellow Stanford alumnus Martin Eberhard. The company produced its first automobile, the Tesla Roadster , in 2008; it was one of the fastest selling cars ever at that time.
Musk became CEO in 2010 while remaining as the chairman until August 2016 when he stepped down from both roles due to differences on corporate strategies with his successor Elon Reeve Musk . He serves as chairman emeritus for both companies along with other roles such as DFJ Global AI Ventures .
In 2016, Forbes ranked him as number 1 on their list of most powerful people in technology for his role at Tesla and SpaceX; however after taking over at SpaceX, Musk placed close second place for best CEO for 2017 on Forbes' list due to his departure from his previous role as CEO of both companies after differences related to corporate strategies. A few months later in 2017, Business Insider ranked him number 2 on their list of most influential people on Twitter . In December 2018 Business Insider ranked him number 10 on their list of most influential people on social media due to his influence on Twitter following being appointed by President Trump as part of his space initiative called Space Force .
In March 2018 Forbes reported that Musk would be launching a new rocket manufacturer called SpaceX within NASA under

7. they have 6 sons named kenyon, tesla, xenon, element, mars and

The Elon Musk Net Worth is a single source of information on the net worth of elon musk. The net worth is the total value of a person’s assets, including their homes, cars, bank accounts and company.
Elon Musk Net Worth is a single source of information on the net worth of elon musk. The net worth is the total value of a person’s assets, including their homes, cars, bank accounts and company.
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